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Spin me round

A FIVE EPISODES SERIES of 360 panorama images in collaboration with Sara Lorusso, Silvia Morin, GianMarco Porru, Giulia Ratti, Luisa Turuani

Spin me round is a reflection on 360 panoramic images as a place where things can happen indeed. The performances of 5 artists come alive in the physical space of a photo which calls you to come in and find your own frame.

Every 3 days, starting from May 25th, we will invite you to get in the world of each one of them on


25.05 – Silvia Morin, Hypnotic room, 2020
28.05 – 
GianMarco Porru, Hibernation training, 2020 
31.05 – 
Luisa Turuani, Ma non è questo il giorno, 2020
03.06 – 
Giulia Ratti, Ci sei?, 2020
06.06 – 
Sara Lorusso, Prima di andare via, 2020


Silvia Morin HYPNOTIC ROOM 2020

01 Silvia Morin, Hypnotic room, 2020, ph. t-space studio

[...]My photos are the result of a process which consists of a performative stage, sometimes open to the audience, sometimes performed in my room and then documented. The aim is to identify myself with women that had been subjected or had exercised violence in opposite sex relationship. I study their biographies and cross my life with theirs, trying to analyze which is the root of their pain, of the strength we both have[...] 

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02 GianMarco Porru, Hibernation training, 2020, ph. t-space studio

Wild animals’ habits are reborn and reeducated in the springtime. After an involuntary hibernation or an unexpected pause, which dragged on longer than planned, drowsy, they regain movement, space and time. The flesh awakens to the banquet of senses, while the good weather crawls into the skin like an insect intrigued by something that is yet to occur; it has been happening for years that the youth tightens its calfs and wombs longing after a taste which becomes more alive than ever.
We use those images that we want to continue existing. Hurray! Can we have the slowness of the hibernation back? We enter the stage from the right wing, the one of the days. We exit the stage from the left wing, the one of the hours, dilated and dense.

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Luisa Turuani MA NON É QUESTO IL GIORNO  2020

03 Luisa Turuani, Ma non è questo il giorno, 2020, ph. t-space studio

The body stands still, the gaze is distant. The whole weight leans on the left leg, while the right arm raises an ice cream cone. Time passes and the color slowly starts to melt, it blends, it waters the fingers, the palm and then the arm, beyond the elbow, down below. The action points to a blind alley, nobody will come, but even if someone came, they would not want to be there. Nothing happens but the evidence of time passing by, the glorious magnificence of the pleasure of being now.

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Giulia Ratti CI SEI?  2020

04 Giulia Rattii, Ci sei?, 2020, ph. t-space studio

The invisible happens while I’m distracted.
The angel‘s wing has been torn. 
Where blood and water meet, new flowers bloom.
Giulia Ratti (Milano, 1992). She draws to think, not for a living.

Sara Lorusso PRIMA DI ANDARE VIA  2020

05 Sara Lorusso, Prima di andare via, 2020, ph. t-space studio

An intimate and familiar space, my home.

In an equally personal moment.

A departure.

Maybe a return?

Before leaving caught me unprepared.


I'm leaving, but where am I going?

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Spin me Round is a project produced by t-space

All the 360 panorama images are realized by t-space studio in collaboration with the artists involved.

Graphics by Francesco Dipierro.

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